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What to do if you suspect that you have bed bugs?

There’s a lot of stigma about these insects. Landlords don’t want other people to know that they have a unit that got infested simply because prospective tenants may not want to rent that unit. Hotels, motels or any type of accommodation don’t want the bad publicity that they bring. Bed bugs can be found pretty much anywhere from hospitals, schools, libraries and even on an airplane or a bus. These insects are good hitchhikers and can survive a long period of time without eating or finding a host.

What to do if you notice or suspect that you have them in your home or in your bedroom. Do not panic, first thing you should not do is buy over the counter insecticides that you are not sure of. These may cause harborage where the bed bugs will try to find a crack in your wall or a crevice to hide because of the chemicals that may irritate them but not necessarily get rid of them specially the eggs. I know this is usually the first thing people would think of doing but the best thing to do is to assess the situation, check your bed and if you have positively identified that it is bed bugs and you choose heat treatment this chart will show what temperature you need and for how long you need it in killing bed bugs.

Once you know you have bed bugs try not to change bedrooms or all of a sudden sleep on the couch in the living room. I know it may be the logical thing to do but you don’t want the bed bugs travelling all over your house spreading the infestation. If you notice that they are in your bed this typically means the infestation is just in the bedroom and last thing you want is spreading them out.

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